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Final Fantasy XI Review 2013

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The first question that probably comes to mind is, “why the hell would you review a decade old game? What are you, some kind of nostalgia reviewer?” The answer to that question takes me back to the year 1823, I was a fighter pilot in Vietnam and the Nazis had managed to finally ward off […]


A case for why we need information reform

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The big popular word in contemporary American politics is “reform.”  Everyone wants some form of reform or another; there’s tax reform, and immigration reform, and campaign finance reform, and lobbying reform.  And while all of those are well and good, and necessary in their own ways, we tend to forget about the one type of […]


Benedict resigns to pursue WFH medical billing.

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It has been over 600 years since last the leader of the Catholic church resigned his position, but how often does an opportunity like this come along. While Pope Gregory the XII stepped down to resolve the Western Schism the current pope Benedict the XVI, tired of dealing with shuffling altar boy diddlers from parish […]


Zombie Weight Loss Tips

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Tired of being a boomer? Want to impress the ladies? Maybe you want a lucky fella’s attention. Well, here’s a few top tips for losing that weight. Loss of Limb, No Sweat You don’t have to be a leper to lose those pounds quickly. You’re a decaying corpse, there’s nothing wrong with falling apart now […]


David Cameron Backs Gay Marriage

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Following in light of Obama, David Cameron recently came out, not as a homosexual (the time may come), but he came out to support gay marriage and as result has given us his Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, which according to the BBC got a majority vote. Yes folks, the leader of the conservative party actually supported gay marriage, a party […]



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Zombies. We all love them. Some of us more than others. If you’re like me, then you’re pretty upset at the Mayans for getting our hopes up that the world was going to end on 12-21-12, and the zombie apocalypse would happen. But, then again, my hopes were up that the zombie apocalypse would happen […]


Music Review: My Bloody Valentine – MBV

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My Bloody Valentine MBV 83/100 By Zack Smith, Feb. 5, 2013   Obsessive genius nearly bankrupts record label while crafting game-changing album and then goes AWOL for twenty years. This was the My Bloody Valentine story and if you are a fan you are pretty familiar with it. Frustratingly familiar with it. It would be […]


A new Civilization 5 expansion: a wishlist

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If you’re a big fan of the Civilization franchise of games, you’ve probably seen the news that a new expansion pack for Civilization V, tentatively titled One World, is possibly on the way.  If this turns out to be true, fans will soon be treated to a whole new batch of fresh content for the award-winning strategy […]


The Gamer’s Code of Chivalry: An Introduction

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How I yearn for the golden days of multiplayer gaming.  You and a couple of friends, sitting on the edge of someone’s bed or on the floor, staring into some tiny television set while you waited patiently for your turn to come up, joking and laughing and eating pizza together.  Sure, there were the occasional […]