A new Yoda movie? Yay or nay?

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yodaIt was recently reported that Yoda is headed back to the silver screen, starring in his very own stand-alone Star Wars film.  No one is sure if the film will tell the story of a young Yoda’s quest to become a Jedi, or an older Yoda, perhaps (and I’m just guessing here) telling the story of his trip to Degobah.  Only one thing can be known for certain: fans are going to probably offer up a cool reception to this film as it hits production.

First, some back-story.  For those of you that aren’t aware (your nerd credentials must be pretty questionable), Star Wars- franchise creator George Lucas recently sold LucasFilm — and the franchise along with it — to Disney last October.  Disney was quick to offer some news with the shocking merger, promising three new additions to the Star Wars filmography (episodes VII, VIII, and IX).  They also promised to expand on the universe rather significantly with stand-alone films that focus predominantly on key figures in the Star Wars saga.  And it doesn’t get much keyer (just invented a word!  Yay!) than Master Yoda.

But how willing will fans be to line up in their favorite Cosplay gear to witness these new films, or the stand-alone Yoda biopic?  For Disney executives, that’s most likely the million- billion- dollar question.  The three newest films to have been released (episodes I, II, and III) left a pretty sour taste in the mouths of Star Wars fans worldwide.  Younger fans were more receptive to the films, and anyone who tells you Episode III wasn’t at least decent isn’t being honest with themselves.  But already, fans have started to kick off the negativity for the three new films, and it doesn’t help that J.J. Abrams, a devout Trekkie, is directing Episode VII (Star Wars and Star Trek fans don’t always get along).

Of course, this is a new Star Wars movie, and most people aren’t quite as nitpicky as the more devout, fundamentalist fans.  That’s why episodes I, II, and III did really well in the box office: most people just want to be entertained.  So naturally a Yoda movie is going to open big, and reviews might even be largely positive, so long as Yoda doesn’t try his hand at any weird-flying-green-ninja-ball stuff.  And if the film has a big opening weekend, it’ll probably entice the more hardcore fans to give it a try.

My own expectations for the three new films are roughly 50/ 50.  Love him or hate him, George Lucas is the man with a plan when it comes to the Star Wars saga.  You may not always appreciate his creative vision, or how he goes about delivering on it, but without him, this article wouldn’t exist.  How do you think Star Wars can fare without him at the helm?  Will the franchise be better off without him, or worse?  Sound off in the comments below!

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