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Obscure Republic is an online magazine focused on delivering quality content that appeals to nerds, and promotes nerd culture.  Billed as offering “everything a growing nerd needs,” our site publishes news, previews, reviews, editorials, essays, and guides regarding PC and console gaming, personal computer hardware and software, comics, movies, TV shows, board games, cosplay, pop culture, books, and more.  Our content is written for a nerdy audience, by writers that appreciate nerd culture and are proud of our geekiness.

Obscure Republic was founded in 2013 in Binghamton, New York by a group of people that should probably get outside into the sun more often.

Elite Level-Capped Bosses

Matt Rock 

Creator & Editor-In-Chief

Cameron Lewis

Web Master, Master of teh Webs, big fan of things that go “pew-pew-pew!”


(They don’t like being called “trash mobs,” apparently)

Meghan “Danger” Whalen

Nerd Stuff

Sarah Hower


Maray Mares


Luis Rodriguez