Benedict resigns to pursue WFH medical billing.

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It has been over 600 years since last the leader of the Catholic church resigned his position, but how often does an opportunity like this come along. While Pope Gregory the XII stepped down to resolve the Western Schism the current pope Benedict the XVI, tired of dealing with shuffling altar boy diddlers from parish to parish, has chosen to resign to pursue a lucrative career in medical billing from the relaxing atmosphere of his own home.

‘I was just so tired, then out of the blue God presented me with a wonderful opportunity, the chance to be my own boss and make thousands of dollars per day just by sending out hospital bills.’ Benedict was quoted as saying.

All it took was an email from the almighty presenting him with this opportunity, one that isn’t just presented to the common man.

Benedict does have a few concerns about his new career, but believes with God’s strength he can move past them.

‘Sending out bills for abortions or penile enlargements certainly make me uncomfortable, and I may have to add a few hundred dollars to those invoices and donate it to the church.’

The real question now is who will follow in the footsteps of Benedict and will they to be lured away perhaps with a windfall from helping a Nigerian prince get his money out of the country.

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