David Cameron Backs Gay Marriage

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Following in light of Obama, David Cameron recently came out, not as a homosexual (the time may come), but he came out to support gay marriage and as result has given us his Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, which according to the BBC got a majority vote.

Yes folks, the leader of the conservative party actually supported gay marriage, a party typically caught up in traditional values has produced a leader* who has challenged traditional marriage in support of civil rights. That can’t be right, can it? Imagine if Mitt Romney had done the same thing during the election? I am sure many Americans would do a double take saying, “Did he just come out and say that? No Barbara, I’m sorry, it must be the crack.” As to be expected, he didn’t receive full support from his own party, there’s pretty much a split right down the middle. Whilst the Conservatives of the UK tend to be more liberal than the Conservatives of the US, it’s still a surprise to see the decision to come from David Cameron.

But let’s face it, if a politician says they’ve never put their hand down another man’s pants then they’re probably a liar; they spent a lot of time in a room with hot sweating men raging at each other, somebody’s bound to whip it out. Then again they wouldn’t be a politician if they always told the truth. It’d make things a little less complicated if people were a little more forward, here’s looking at you Ted Haggard. Still, it has been interesting to watch the debates on both sides of the Atlantic. We miss a lot of the entertainment of the US, I mean, when is The Westboro Baptist Church going to do their European tour? Come on, they’re world famous celebrities, it’s not fair they perform exclusively to US audiences. Or maybe they’re afraid that all those sinners will just eat them up? Perhaps we should change our approach with the Westboro, they’re more of novelty than a threat. I wonder if Fred Phelps will sign my buttocks? Perhaps we could sell t-shirts at any Westboro events with slogans like, “I’m Gay for Fred Phelps” or “I had a threesome with Shirley”. Perhaps all somebody needs is a hug? But I bet you could make a lot of money off of the merchandising – I want my own bobble-head Shirley Phelps holding a ‘God Hates Fags’ sign. Of course, in the UK, ‘fags’ has are different meaning, it’s what we call cigarettes, which is perhaps why they leave the UK alone, we’ve got enough anti-smoking campaigns.

It’s not so colourful over here, most people don’t give a damn and those who do mostly keep to themselves, but with David Cameron stirring things up a bit it has been interesting to see exactly what people really think, he’s been facing opposition within his own party and well, if anything good can be said about the man it’s that he has balls. It shows that gay rights isn’t just for liberal cry-babies after all.

But it’s all been the same old arguments, it’s about defending religious beliefs! You can’t redefine marriage! The institution of marriage is defined by God, not man. It’s funnier when you see members from The Church of England making the same arguments. There’s a hundred points up for grabs for any History buffs who can tell me how The Church of England was founded. Ding ding ding to the guy in the ponytail, that’s right! King Henry VIII didn’t like his first wife and the damn Catholic Church wouldn’t let him get a divorce! People throughout history have redefined marriage, if anything modern society marriage has more of a sentimental value than it has in history. People tend to marry more out of love, have the ideals of companion and not out of material gain (with the exception of gold diggers), isn’t that more meaningful than marriage for wealth? Or marriage for the sake of securing a healthy future because women aren’t allowed to work? Or marriage to form alliances between two powerful families? Or marriage because you were raped? That one is Old Testament law, a rapist must pay the father of the victim silver to take her hand in marriage against any choice the victim may have. Though it is an extreme marriage proposal, imagine this Valentine’s Day, “thank you Maggie for becoming my beloved wife, now where’s your father? I owe him some silver.”


So how can one take arguments about the ‘institution of marriage’ seriously when marriage has meant so many different things? Marriage has constantly been redefined throughout history, even by religion. I am sure much of what the Old Testament wrote about in regards to marriage no longer applies to Christians. Besides we know many of these anti-gay folks are just closet homosexuals anyway, come now, just get out of the closet, here’s looking at you again Mr Haggard, you were touched by the devil and I am sure you enjoyed every minute of it.

I take my hat off to both Cameron and Obama for having the guts to take on this issue head on and it is great to see some good come of it. Perhaps we need to see politicians take more risks in favour of what’s right. But with David Cameron winning the last election with “at least we’re not as bad as Labour” will the divide in his party cost him the next election? After all, you can survive on “we’re not labour” for so long, heck Tony Blair tried it with “at least I’m not old Labour” and that didn’t work out for him in the end, he still screwed up like a Labour politician. Politics is like a good episode of Jerry Springer, just without the swearing and thankfully, Sarah Palin doesn’t flash the audience every five minutes, perhaps she would if she was making an argument against gay marriage. It’d be a double edged sword though, to gay men it’d say, “you don’t get boobies” but on the other hand I’m sure there are many lesbians in favour of boobs. Then there’s bisexuals who don’t discriminate one way or the other. Or is it the other way round? Would Sarah Palin’s boobs turn a man gay? Well, that’s our thought for the day.

So, in conclusion, has David Cameron made the right decision? I am certainly in favour of the decision and with his political career, I think it would take more than that to wound him, the main concerns are more to do with the economy as there’s high unemployment, the cost of living is high and there’s the business with the UK’s position in the EU. This could be where David Cameron finds his failing, I think if anything his backing of gay marriage shows some level of integrity, which has probably won him some support. As much as we’d like to blame Labour for the mess, because in all their years in power I am sure they noticed our debt get bigger and bigger and didn’t do anything about it, the Conservatives will now face responsibility in how they’re handling the debt.

*I am aware the UK is a coalition government at the moment, but who’s heard of Nick Clegg anyway?

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