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The death of the MMO?

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Just a few years ago, it looked as though the massively-multiplayer online (or “MMO”) genre was going to completely take over the gaming industry.  The huge success of World of Warcraft prompted a tidal wave of MMO titles, and it seemed like each month, we were hearing about a new, “genre-changing” game that was going to […]


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Review

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It’s that time of year, yet another Final Fantasy is released. So much for ‘final’, eh? Well this reviewer can hardly complain, I’m a Final Fantasy slut, I would say ‘whore’, but somebody once told me whores get paid to be what they are. However, you could say the series has not been what it […]


Final Fantasy XI Review 2013

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The first question that probably comes to mind is, “why the hell would you review a decade old game? What are you, some kind of nostalgia reviewer?” The answer to that question takes me back to the year 1823, I was a fighter pilot in Vietnam and the Nazis had managed to finally ward off […]

Models have decent visual quality, and the lighting is spectacular

Game Review: The War Z (5.6/ 10)

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If you pay any attention to game industry media, chances are you’ve heard of The War Z already, and your impression of the game is probably pretty terrible.  As the most controversial game release of 2012, The War Z picked up a pretty nasty reputation right out of the gate, and yes, we’re going to […]