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Benedict resigns to pursue WFH medical billing.

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It has been over 600 years since last the leader of the Catholic church resigned his position, but how often does an opportunity like this come along. While Pope Gregory the XII stepped down to resolve the Western Schism the current pope Benedict the XVI, tired of dealing with shuffling altar boy diddlers from parish […]


David Cameron Backs Gay Marriage

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Following in light of Obama, David Cameron recently came out, not as a homosexual (the time may come), but he came out to support gay marriage and as result has given us his Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, which according to the BBC got a majority vote. Yes folks, the leader of the conservative party actually supported gay marriage, a party […]


United States Congress isn’t “liked” very much

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It’s no big secret that the 112th Congress had, historically, the lowest approval ratings of any Congress in U.S. history.  The new 113th Congress has pretty terrible approval ratings, too, and are well on their way to competing for the “worst” reputation.  And today, Obscure Republic worked out that those record lows have seemed to […]