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If you’re going to dislike Obama, learn some facts first

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These days, there are two types of conservatives that get involved in any political debate.  You have the tiny, miniscule minority, who take their time to learn their facts, cede ground when it’s appropriate, and generally engage in interesting conversation.  But then you have the vast majority of mouth-breathing nincompoops that can barely stub their […]


United States Congress isn’t “liked” very much

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It’s no big secret that the 112th Congress had, historically, the lowest approval ratings of any Congress in U.S. history.  The new 113th Congress has pretty terrible approval ratings, too, and are well on their way to competing for the “worst” reputation.  And today, Obscure Republic worked out that those record lows have seemed to […]

Bill O'Reilly

Fox News’ ratings are dropping? I know why!

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Was it all just a dream?  Were the past four years of unmitigated, unhinged hatred, negative posturing, and nonsensical obsession all just some lurid fantasy playing out in the back of our minds?  Did President Barack Obama actually win a second term? It just can’t be!  He’s the Antichrist, after all.  Sent here by Satan, […]