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GeForce GTX 650ti Review

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Moderately Priced GPU, Powerful Graphics This card is selling for £119.50 on and for all you yanks out there, $149.99 on For a graphics card, it’s pretty cheap, for the next model up you’re paying £227 or $299, for the 660ti, now that’s a pretty big price difference, sure you’re getting an extra […]

I'm in your deserts, stealin' your bases

Game Review: Battlefield 3 (PC) (9.2/ 10)

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You might have looked at the title of this article, and thought to yourself “why would they review a game that’s been out for a year already?”  The answer is pretty simple:  a year later, I’m still playing Battlefield 3, and I consider it to be one of the greatest FPS titles I’ve ever had […]

Models have decent visual quality, and the lighting is spectacular

Game Review: The War Z (5.6/ 10)

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If you pay any attention to game industry media, chances are you’ve heard of The War Z already, and your impression of the game is probably pretty terrible.  As the most controversial game release of 2012, The War Z picked up a pretty nasty reputation right out of the gate, and yes, we’re going to […]


Game Review: Anno 2070 (5.8/ 10)

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I’m usually a big fan of games that break through the boundaries of convention and attempt to deliver something new.  To this end, Anno 2070 looked to be quite the promising title, with its fresh, sci-fi vibe and setting, and what appeared to be some unique gameplay dynamics, from the outside looking in, anyway.  The […]