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The Bill of Rights

The “Duck Dynasty” thing has NOTHING to do with free speech!

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In the past twenty-four hours, I’ve explained the 1st amendment to more people than I probably have in the past two or three years cumulatively.  Why?  Because it seems like every person that feels like defending Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is naming said amendment, or blathering about freedom of speech, or even… and I’m […]


If you’re going to dislike Obama, learn some facts first

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These days, there are two types of conservatives that get involved in any political debate.  You have the tiny, miniscule minority, who take their time to learn their facts, cede ground when it’s appropriate, and generally engage in interesting conversation.  But then you have the vast majority of mouth-breathing nincompoops that can barely stub their […]


The scary new face of contemporary racism

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Republican Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal recently wrote this article for Politico, titled The End of Race, in which he essentially argues that people of color should try to act whiter if they hope for racism to ever end.   It’s a nonsensical assertion, for sure, but as offensive as the article is, more people should probably […]


Why the war on bad dieting needs to end

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Before we start this article, I need to stress to everyone reading this that I am, in fact, very, very liberal.  I voted for Obama both times, and openly support his administration.  I’m pro-choice, pro-education, pro-marriage equality… I’m very much a progressive, liberal Democrat, and proud of it.  But that doesn’t mean I blindly subscribe […]


A case for why we need information reform

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The big popular word in contemporary American politics is “reform.”  Everyone wants some form of reform or another; there’s tax reform, and immigration reform, and campaign finance reform, and lobbying reform.  And while all of those are well and good, and necessary in their own ways, we tend to forget about the one type of […]


David Cameron Backs Gay Marriage

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Following in light of Obama, David Cameron recently came out, not as a homosexual (the time may come), but he came out to support gay marriage and as result has given us his Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, which according to the BBC got a majority vote. Yes folks, the leader of the conservative party actually supported gay marriage, a party […]


United States Congress isn’t “liked” very much

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It’s no big secret that the 112th Congress had, historically, the lowest approval ratings of any Congress in U.S. history.  The new 113th Congress has pretty terrible approval ratings, too, and are well on their way to competing for the “worst” reputation.  And today, Obscure Republic worked out that those record lows have seemed to […]


A senator says video games cause violence… sigh

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I remember it like it was yesterday.  The year was 1993 — I was thirteen years old — and I was celebrating either my birthday or Christmas (they’re pretty close together).  My parents gave me a Super Nintendo game that at the time was shocking and exciting, but I mainly remember it because each time […]

Bill O'Reilly

Fox News’ ratings are dropping? I know why!

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Was it all just a dream?  Were the past four years of unmitigated, unhinged hatred, negative posturing, and nonsensical obsession all just some lurid fantasy playing out in the back of our minds?  Did President Barack Obama actually win a second term? It just can’t be!  He’s the Antichrist, after all.  Sent here by Satan, […]


Why do female republican political figures predominantly suffer from CES?

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   There’s a serious health epidemic gripping the world of contemporary American politics, focusing almost exclusively on certain female politicians and political pundits.  And from what I can tell, no one is taking the issue seriously.  It’s such an ignored ailment that science hasn’t even recognized it as a problem yet; medical professionals are so […]


The Inauguration of President Mitt Romney

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(From Sunday, January 20th 2013) President-elect Mitt Romney was inaugurated as President Romney on the steps of Capitol Hill today in the nation’s capital of Washington DC, ending the administration of President Barack Obama and ushering in a new era of American history… a Romney era. Romney managed to narrowly defeat the incumbent President Obama […]