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David Cameron Backs Gay Marriage

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Following in light of Obama, David Cameron recently came out, not as a homosexual (the time may come), but he came out to support gay marriage and as result has given us his Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, which according to the BBC got a majority vote. Yes folks, the leader of the conservative party actually supported gay marriage, a party […]


Top Tips for Wannabe Angry Customers

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Ever had to call a customer service line? Ever felt the need to ring up because your TV is on fire or maybe your cat has somehow managed to get jammed into your DVD player? Maybe you’re looking for a refund because you thought you were buying a Playstation 3 but all you got was […]


Why is Indian tech support bad? Hint: it isn’t the accent

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We’ve all been there.  You’re having a problem with your computer or some other electronic device.  You call the company best suited to fix your issue, expecting to speak with a knowledgeable technical support expert, with an engineering degree hanging on their wall alongside bunches of certificates flaunting how utterly brilliant they are.  But that’s […]