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a pair of ships in Minecraft

Mojang, please add ships to Minecraft!

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Minecraft is one of the best games I’ve ever played, hands-down.  But however great this game may be, it still has a few faults, and the game’s lackluster seafaring is, in my opinion anyway, the biggest of them. Minecraft boats are probably the saddest vehicles in all of gaming, or really close to it.  They’re […]

I'm in your deserts, stealin' your bases

Game Review: Battlefield 3 (PC) (9.2/ 10)

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You might have looked at the title of this article, and thought to yourself “why would they review a game that’s been out for a year already?”  The answer is pretty simple:  a year later, I’m still playing Battlefield 3, and I consider it to be one of the greatest FPS titles I’ve ever had […]

Models have decent visual quality, and the lighting is spectacular

Game Review: The War Z (5.6/ 10)

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If you pay any attention to game industry media, chances are you’ve heard of The War Z already, and your impression of the game is probably pretty terrible.  As the most controversial game release of 2012, The War Z picked up a pretty nasty reputation right out of the gate, and yes, we’re going to […]