Why is Ted Nugent attending the State of the Union Address?

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ted_nugentIf you follow U.S. politics even remotely, it’d be hard for you to have missed all of the bat-s#!% crazy things one-hit-wonder musician and conservative psychopath Ted Nugent has said about President Barack Obama and others over the years.  To label him as “not a fan” would be a pretty epic understatement.  Why, then, is he attending the State of the Union Address tonight?

The “SOTU” is usually the biggest political event in any given year, during which President Obama will deliver his speech to a joint session of Congress.  The event is attended by the full House and Senate, the Supreme Court Justices, the president’s full cabinet, and a number of important dignitaries.  But tonight, Ted Nugent, of all people, will be amongst them, as a guest of Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX).

This poses several questions.  First, why would Ted Nugent want to attend?  He’s been one of the most vocal anti-Obama celebrities in the country for the past several years.  But it’s not like you can jump up and start yelling stuff or throwing your poop during the address.  The most you can do, really, is applaud or politely stay silent, or maybe join in with a few disapproving murmurs here and there.  The State of the Union is one of the only times where things on Capitol Hill remain civil and respectful.  Ted Nugent couldn’t possibly have any intent for going other than to disrupt that.

The next question I have is, why is he being allowed to attend?  Last year, Nugent famously claimed that if President Obama won his reelection bid, he’d be, quote, “dead or in jail” shortly thereafter.  Pretty much everyone, including many conservatives, considered that to be a direct threat against the president.  Why would the Secret Service allow him into the building?  Their own investigation cleared him as a serious threat, but just making those remarks should be enough to ban him from attending, shouldn’t it?

And here’s a third question for you.  Why is Congressman Steve Stockman taking Nugent to the address as a guest?  Surely he must be well aware of all the controversial statements Nugent has made over the years, and I’d be hardpressed to believe Stockman is naive enough to assume Nugent would stay on his best behavior simply by request.  Could Stockman be bringing Nugent in the hopes the rock “star” might defy the norm and make an ass out of himself by interrupting the president somehow?  Could he be doing this simply as a gesture of insult toward President Obama?  If that’s the case, why isn’t anyone in his party denouncing him yet?

If Nugent attends quietly and observes proper etiquette during tonight’s State of the Union Address, I’d say that’s a huge step forward for him, and a sign that maybe he’s finally growing up to be a man.  But if he acts a fool and tries to disrupt the address, I think we should all remember that it isn’t just his fault.  We should also blame Stockman for inviting him, and the Secret Service for allowing him to attend.  I’m hoping he just sits there and doesn’t say anything, and I never have to write another article about this.  But I have a bad feeling this will only be the beginning of an ongoing Ted Nugent/ SOTU debacle.

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